BBQ Chicken

Independence Day Is Coming! Kamado Joe Chicken Recipes

Fun, flag-waving and fireworks! We celebrate the 4th of July without fail, to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. This National holiday is ours and ours alone. No other country does what we do on that day. It’s made in America and…more

Door Mat

Hardwood Floors Need Love Too

Step up to the stage. Come on, don’t be afraid. Timbertown Austin has some amazing things you can do to show your hardwood floors some unconditional love. It doesn’t have to come in a bottle like a salesman’s Elixir, sold from the back of a covered wagon.

Outdoor Deck with Rug

Summer’s Here – Accessories You Need for the Outdoors

In Austin, summer pretty much starts around spring. The weather perks-up from its short winter nap and that means people spend more time in their outdoor living spots: On the deck, in a gazebo, planting vines for the pergolas. Warm weather compels us to sit atop the lap…more

Outdoor Hardwood Table

Best Woods for Outdoor Furniture

It’s not a guessing game. Picking the right wood for outdoor furniture is directly related to the weather. Those who live in an area where there’s lots of moisture or one that’s extremely dry dictates one factor you need to consider.

Puppy on Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Flooring for Dogs

While Americans own more cats than dogs in the United States, we still love our non-judgmental buddies. Take these facts from the Human Society:

Raised Garden Bed

Building a Raised Bed Garden with Ipe

Gardening, it’s a love of life and the reason some of us countdown to spring and summer. It’s finally when we put to use the stuff we ordered from those seed catalogs that start showing-up in our mailboxes after Christmas.