Sun Damaged Deck

Protecting Your Deck From the Texas Heat

It’s no secret that summers in Texas are hot. As the heat builds and the sun beats down your deck could suffer from the exposure. At TimberTown Austin we’re experienced in building and maintaining decks in central Texas. We’ve seen what the summer heat can do to a…more

Deck Permits

Do You Need A Permit To Build a Deck?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Some may think that it’s a gray area because it isn’t an interior space that’s part of the home itself. However, it is structural which is why the city of Austin typically requires a permit if you’re building a…more


All About Tigerwood

Tigerwood is one of the most visually interesting hardwoods on the U.S. market. Known in the scientific world by its technical name, Goncalo Alves, Tigerwood is prized as much for its durability as it is its beauty.

Timber Deck

How Much Could a Deck Add to Your Property Value

There’s no doubt that a deck will add to the enjoyment you get out of your home. It brings a whole new living space to the property making the outdoors an extension of your house. However, as with other improvements, a deck is an investment. When you start…more

Hot Tub insert in Deck

Deciding Where to Place a Hot Tub on Your Deck

Adding a hot tub to your outdoor living space can instantly give it a spa getaway feel that you look forward to coming home to after a long day’s work. But that outdoor oasis can turn into a huge headache if you don’t make careful considerations about how…more