Grils Woodworking

What Every Girl Should Know About Woodworking

Shop classes in schools are predominantly male, but Timbertown Austin is out to help change that. Our very own Steve has three girls of his own, and on Take Your Daughter to Work Day he uses the time to make sure they’re up to speed on basic woodworking…more

Earth Day - Eco-Friendly

Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-friendly Home Maintenance

Tidying up can be good for your health and happiness, but what about the environment? Is your Spring Cleaning dirtying up the ecosystem? If you’re using harsh chemicals and pesticides it’s time to clean up your act this Earth Day.

Railing Design

Railing Kits vs DIY Designs

It’s National Welding Month! Why is that important for deck lovers? Because, like many things in life, many railing systems are held together thanks to welding. We figured it was the perfect opportunity to discuss the differences between using a railing kit versus DIY design options as well…more

Nature and Gardening Month

Backyard Design Ideas to Try During Lawn and Garden Month

April is Lawn and Garden Month! It’s one of our favorite times of year to discuss how decks, railings, lawns, gardens, gazebos, pergolas, arbors, etc. can all work together to create a great backyard for your family and friends to enjoy. Let’s dig in to a few design…more