Back to School Wood Projects

Cool Back to School Wood Projects

It’s time for kids to get back to school, but before they do square away some time to have fun working on a few cool wood projects they can use in the classroom. It’s a fun way to get them into a learning mindset and work in a…more

Preventing and Preparing Wood from Dogs

Preventing and Repairing Wood Damage Created by Dogs

National Dog Day is a time to show our pups a little extra love and attention! Even when they are puppies going through their chew-phase dogs can bring us an unimaginable amount of joy and affection. This special dog day is the perfect time to let your pooch…more

Deck Protection from Senior Citizens

Deck Safety for Senior Citizens

Relaxing out in the warm Texas sun is a favorite pastime for people of all ages. Senior Citizens Day is the perfect opportunity to get the family together out on the deck for a little quality time. As a way to say thank you for all the years…more

Lightweight Wood Projects

Why Using Lightweight Woods is Perfect for Some Projects

Did you know that the first airplanes were made of wood? Sure, it doesn’t sound safe what with the engine, fuel and potential for crashing, but it’s a perfect example of how in some instances using a lightweight wood is the preferable option. This Aviation Day we’re taking…more

Model Deck

How to Build a Model of Your Ideal Deck with Your Kids

When you think about it, popsicles are like miniature soft wood or hardwood deck boards. They are plank-shaped and have the right dimensions. You can easily create a structural base with them and a flat, level surface. Using popsicle sticks is a good way to introduce kids to…more

Fasteners for a Deck

4 Tips for Selecting Hardware for Your Deck

Fasteners – they are the unsung heroes of deck building. In most cases they are designed to blend in as much as possible, getting little attention for all the work that they do to hold everything together. Choosing the wood that will be used to build the deck…more

Iconic Lighthouses Made of Wood

Woods That Can Weather a Storm

On National Lighthouse Day, we celebrate some of the most iconic and easily identifiable types of buildings ever made. These towering, cylindrical structures have been around since before the Greeks and Romans took to the Mediterranean. While many are constructed with stone, wood is also a key building…more

Different Types of Timber

How Buying a Different Length of Wood Can Save You Money

One of the first decisions in deck building is selecting the dimensions. The height, width and length you go with will affect the aesthetics, design features, construction and budget of your deck. That’s why it’s important to put careful thought into what materials will work best for your…more