Deck Designing Tools

Top 3 Deck Designing Tools

When it comes to deck building there are a lot of basic construction practices that have held true for decades. However, technology has drastically changed the design process. Now high-tech tools that even builders didn’t have are easily accessible for all homeowners and user-friendly enough for anyone to…more

Reclaimed Wood Mailbox

Fun Projects with Reclaimed Wood

Even though we’re in the business of selling outdoor lumber in Central Texas, Timbertown Austin is all about using reclaimed wood when it makes sense. If you’re building a deck you need strong, stable soft or hardwood lumber, but for other projects reclaimed wood can be a great…more

Wood Storage Closets

Wood Storage for Your Closets

There always seems to be a shortage of storage space no matter how big your home is. So, it’s no wonder that a 2013 National Association of Realtors survey found that storage was one of the most important factors for homebuyers. In fact, a walk-in closet in the…more

Hardwood Floors

How Much Value Can Wood Floors Add to a Home?

When homeowners are evaluating their home improvement projects many times value add is a significant factor. We’ve talked about the value that a deck can potentially add to a home, and now we’re taking a closer look at wood flooring in the home.

Sunrise in a pine forest

A Look at the Texas Lumber Industry

Lumber has been a big industry in Texas for 185 years. Timbertown Austin is proud to help carry on the tradition as one of the largest outdoor lumber suppliers in the state. Today, the industry is going strong, which means more jobs, more money in the economy and…more

Woodworking Techniques

The Must-Have Tools for Beginner Woodworkers

Becoming a woodworker can be confusing when you start looking at all of the complex tools and equipment. In actuality there is a lot that beginners can do by investing a small amount in some basic tools.

Aromatic Cedar

What is Aromatic Cedar?

Because of the name, it’s easy to see why so many people get confused about what Aromatic Cedar really is. Here’s a hint: it’s not part of the Cedrus genus.

Deck in the Summer

Top Tips for Enjoying Your Deck at the End of Summer

In Central Texas September is one of the best months for enjoying a deck. The temperature is getting more comfortable, but the days are getting shorter and humidity can be high at times. So how can you make sure you get every ounce of enjoyment out of the…more