Adding A Smoker To Your Deck Adds Life To Your Party

Spring is coming soon and the scent of barbecues and cook outs will once again fill the air in our Austin neighborhoods. Being a resident of Austin almost requires that you either host or attend at least one deck party this spring or summer. If you’re going to be hosting parties on your deck, then there’s one surefire way to show off your skill as a grillmaster.

Adding a smoker to your collection of outdoor cooking equipment is a great way to ensure that you serve some of the hottest food of the spring and summer grilling season. While a grill may be considered a staple appliance for a cookout, a smoker adds a touch of class to your deck.

You may wonder why the addition of a smoker, such as a KamadoJoe smoker from Timbertown Austin, should be one of the top things on your spring to do list. After all, you can offer steaks, burgers, and brats right off your grill. While that statement is true, a smoker allows you to offer so much more than just a burger or steak.

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A smoker allows you to offer dishes such as a whole turkey, shoulder roast, or ham to your guests. While you may own a grill large enough to cook these dishes, a grill requires much more attention than a smoker. With a charcoal kettle grill, you will need to check the temperature constantly at regular intervals. The reason for this is that you must keep a fairly even temperature, but it must also be at a low to mid heat level to ensure that the meat is properly cooked but not burned. Smokers require much less hand holding than a kettle grill, which means you can spend more time relaxing with your guests.

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They also allow you to accomplish tasks such as cooking a brisket overnight, without constantly having to monitor the temperature. This means you can set it, place your meat in it and with a little practice, and time the cooking perfectly to have the food done when your guests arrive. This eliminates waiting for food to be done, but is a much better alternative to pre-cooking everything, then reheating it to serve to your guests.

Using a smoker will also increase the flavor of the food you serve this year. Most grilling fanatics will agree that while you can smoke barbecue, ribs, brisket and other meat on a grill, the flavor is better. The reason for this is that a smoker is specially designed to create an atmosphere that makes it easy for the meat to absorb the flavor of the smoke. Meaning that when you pull your ribs off the smoker and stack them by your neighbor’s ribs that were done on his grill, yours will have a much better flavor. Plus, you won’t have spent as much time trying to perfect that flavor as your neighbor has.

If you want to really impress your party guests this spring, pick up a smoker and learn what many barbecuing champions and backyard grill chefs already have- that owning one is the best way to produce top quality food. Come by Timbertown Austin today, and check out our line of KamadoJoe smokers. Our staff will be glad to tell you from firsthand experience the food produced on these world class smokers definitely passes their taste tests.

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