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How Much Value Can Wood Floors Add to a Home?
By The TimberTeam September 16, 2014

When homeowners are evaluating their home improvement projects many times value add is a significant factor. We've talked about the value that a..

Wood Warning Signs to Look for When You're Buying a New Home
By The TimberTeam January 14, 2014

If your buying a home in the Austin area there are many options to choose from whether it be a brand new build or a century old historic home...

What to Expect During an Inspection
By The TimberTeam October 8, 2013

If you have to get a permit to build a deck or replace a deck then an inspection will be part of the process. Inspections can be done to show that..

How Deck Value is Calculated for Property Appraisals
By The TimberTeam September 10, 2013

Any homeowner knows that a solidly built deck can add serious value to your home. But just how does the property appraisers determine how much a..

How to Stage a Deck to Help Sell Your Home
By The TimberTeam August 20, 2013

In areas like central Texas where there are many temperate times to enjoy the outdoors, decks can be a real selling point for a house. That is, if..

How Much Could a Deck Add to Your Property Value
By The TimberTeam July 11, 2013

There’s no doubt that a deck will add to the enjoyment you get out of your home. It brings a whole new living space to the property making the..

Renovations Complete - How is the Austin Housing Market
By The TimberTeam June 7, 2013

Having thought about selling your home back during the winter months, you've fenced yourself in with some exotic wood from Timbertown Austin and..

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