Creating an Outdoor Paradise Part 1

You don’t need an apple tree to have a paradise. Those who have yards bigger than a business card know full-well that there are ways to be tempted to have an outdoor nirvana without any fruit trees. Not to say it’s not wonderful to pick a peach, pear or even an apple fresh from the branch. But there’s a way to turn on the garden of Eden when you throw-open the back door.

Of course you can enjoy the fresh air without leaving behind your indoor favorites. Basically you can have the everything you require or want when you think of your backyard as an extension of four walls without bricking yourself in.

The First Three Must-Haves

In this two part series, we’ve got some ideas that will do a couple of things.

  • Give you a place to entertain a fair-sized party.
  • Create a big sky environment for you and your honey.
  • Pry your children away from the TV and Xbox.
  • Add value to your home.
  • And lastly, enjoy the colors and scents of spring, summer and autumn.


Mandatory. With a well-finished, exotic hardwood deck, you will have a place that truly broadens your living space.

Exotic Hardwood Deck

“Outdoor living space in Texas has become a priority among families who are looking to expand their recreational legroom,” says Timbertown Austin’s Steve Anthony. “There are many different options available.”

Many people wait until midsummer to decide to install a deck. “Timbertown Austin is open for business year ’round, but now is the time to get things started before the summer rush,” the owner of Timbertown Austin says.


Wood goes well with wood. Sure, some folks like the no-brainer of buying black colored chairs, end tables, dinner suites and the like. But here’s a warning that you already know about. Black does not reflect the heat from the sun. The only buns you want to toast should be the ones you put on the grill. Check with Timbertown Austin and we’ll get you set up with Everlasting Hardwoods, the only choice for outdoor furniture. There you can choose from an expansive collection of wooden ipe (EE-pay) furniture for all of your outdoor living needs.

Why ipe? Simply speaking it’s a gorgeous hardwood that offers exceptional qualities. This dense, durable wood combines the tensile strength of steel with the beauty of natural wood, and is inherently resistant to mold, fire, weather, insects, and surface scratching.

Get Cooking

Timbertown Austin can supply you with our latest product. Known as Kamado Joe, it’s a ceramic smoker and griller that will serve-up the tastiest food you’ve ever eaten. But, wait, there’s more. We also carry Danver outdoor kitchen accessories.

Outdoor Stainless Steel

Frankly, this line may put your indoor kitchen to shame.

Danver products include:

  • Outdoor cabinets: Beautiful, durable and functional. Danver brushed steel cabinets are constructed with commercial grade stainless steel that’s resistant to moisture, splitting and cracking from that harsh Austin, Texas sun. They’re available in a variety of contemporary and classic styles, with a nearly unlimited range of powder coat finish colors or natural wood grain appearances.
  • Grills, burners and cooking appliances: For exceptional outdoor cooking in Austin, shop from a wide selection of appliances, all constructed from commercial-grade stainless steel.
  • Outdoor sinks and refrigeration: Enjoy the convenience of having a complete outdoor kitchen right in your backyard. Danver stainless steel outdoor refrigeration sinks, faucets and more serve as functional and aesthetically pleasing additions to your deck or patio.

Innovation, easy functionality, and rugged durability are the hallmarks of Danver Stainless Steel Outdoor designs. Danver produces and supplies the most comprehensive selection of outdoor storage and appliances cast in quality stainless steel—the preferred material among architects, designers, and contractors.

Join us for Part 2. We’re just getting started on creating an outdoor paradise.

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