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Today, consumers are more empowered than ever. Social media has given us the ability to connect with professionals, have a better understanding of where our products are coming from and influence the way companies do business.

Because of this, consumers are now an integral part of the success of a business. We can hold businesses accountable and let others know when they do a great job. Word of mouth has gone high tech in a big way.

But social media is much more than that. It’s also a way for businesses to provide consumers with additional information and introduce the people that are behind the brands. It’s a way for both businesses and consumers to give and receive.

Social Media Platforms

Let’s take a look at all the different ways you can connect with Timbertown Austin online as an example of just how powerful social media can be.

Timbertown Austin’s Facebook Page

Facebook is a central hub for Timbertown Austin, where all the latest events and news are made available to the masses. The company gets to have a little more fun posting pop culture references that apply to everyday decking alongside flyers for their next workshop and pictures of recent projects.

If we find something we know will interest our fellow deck lovers, Facebook is the place where we’ll share it. Friends are invited to comment on posts about the blog and share the information with other deck enthusiasts.

Get Inspiration and Ideas from the Timbertown Austin Pinterest Board

Pictures are worth way more than a thousand words when you’re designing an outdoor space, building a deck or re-imagining your landscape. Pinterest is one of the latest ways that Timbertown Austin is sharing cool ideas and images of our most recent work.

One thing that Timbertown Austin prides itself on is helping customers bring their ideas to life. There’s no better way to explain an idea and visualize the final product than with a few pictures. If you’re in the early stages of deck planning, this is definitely a great page to visit for inspiration. You can also get a direct feed of all the most recent things we’ve pinned if you follow us.

Tweeting with Timbertown Austin

For those that want brief bits of information, the latest promotions and links to more in-depth pieces you can save for later, the Timbertown Austin Twitter feed is for you. It’s also a place where customers can bounce ideas off us, tell us what they think of our service and suggest ways we can better assist homeowners in making the most of their decks.

How Timbertown Austin Uses Houzz to Help Homeowners

Houzz is an incredible resource for homeowners and businesses in the building industry. The platform is entirely built around helping people connect with professionals, get questions answered by experts, see photos of projects from around the country and learn what others think about service providers. The Timbertown Austin Houzz account is where many of our project pics are stored for anyone who needs inspiration and ideas, or just wants to see what we’ve been up to.

Timbertown Austin on Google+

In addition to seeing the latest information and happenings, you can also see who Timbertown Austin runs with on the Google+ page. Our circles reveal who we’re connected to and the type of service providers that we do business with. Another valuable resource is the reviews section, which has customer feedback gathered from around the web.

The Importance of Reviews

One empowering aspect of being a consumer in the Internet age is the ability to let others know what you think about a business. This not only tells fellow consumers your opinion of a company’s goods and services, but it also lets the company know what they’re getting right and what they can work on.

Today, consumers do a lot of research online to decide who to give their business to. Yelp, Google, Yahoo – reviews are having an increasingly larger impact on a business’ success. So, if Timbertown Austin was a joy to work with, we want to know. If there was room for improvement, we want to know that too. With every review a business is better informed on what they need to do to provide the very best for their customers.

Go ahead – use your favorite social media or review site to let us know what you think.


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