Make Mom a Mother’s Day Gift to Enjoy All Year Long

Most moms don’t need extravagant gifts on Mother’s Day. However, having a few home improvement projects knocked off the “Honey Do List” is sure to knock her socks off. If you want to give a great gift this Mother’s Day here are a few ideas for dads and kids from the Timbertown Austin team.

Mothers Day Planter Box

Give Them Flowers That Last All Summer

Why give your mother a bouquet that will last a week when you could give them a planter full of beautiful, living flora and fauna. A planter box is an easy and inexpensive project that the kids can help build for well under $100. There are plenty of plans online that provide step-by-step instructions, and all you need is basic tools to get the job done. Bonus – you can get the wood supplies from the Timbertown Austin scrap selection for high-quality timber at a deep discount.

Spruce Up Your Deck

Giving your deck a good cleaning and resealing can make it look brand new. It’s a very low cost way to make a huge impact on Mother’s Day. All it takes is a little time on the weekend and a little bit of elbow grease. Follow the deck cleaning tips in our Spring Cleaning post to get your entire deck cleaned up in no time. The supplies you’ll need include a deck cleaner, soft bristle push broom and a deck sealer if you want to follow up by sealing the deck. All said and done a small to medium sized deck can be spruced up for under $100.

Start a Vegetable Garden

Building a raised garden bed is a project that can easily be done in a day, but will provide months of edible enjoyment. It’s also a project that the whole family can take part in and work on together before and after Mother’s Day. Use our raised garden bed guide for tips on building your garden space, then check the USDA planting zone map for direction on which plants will do well during the summer months. Choose a selection that includes your mom’s favorite veggies and fruits so it’s personalized just for her.

Create Some Shade with a Pergola

In the summer the deck or patio is a great place to relax, if there’s ample shade. Create shade, define an outdoor space and add an attractive exterior feature with a pergola. Pergolas are based off a simple four-post design and can be easily modified to fit just about any space. Even if you have a concrete patio the posts can be affixed to a cement slab using steel post-base anchors. Cedar is a great option for pergolas because it’s decay resistant, insect resistant and doesn’t need to be stained. If you want even more shade plant a few creeping vines around the pergola. This project will be hard to hide because it may take a weekend to build. It will also be a little pricier than the other Mother’s Day ideas, but it should have a good return on investment.

This Mother’s Day get the kids involved and give mom a gift that will last for years while improving the value of your home.

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