Options for Adding a Deck Around Your Pool

In areas like Austin, we’ll do just about anything to escape the heat. One of the most popular cooling off options is an above ground pool. They’re inexpensive, easy to maintain and set up quickly. While they are enjoyable on a hot summer day, they aren’t the prettiest things to look at.

Pool Decking

But a deck, now that’s a thing of beauty. Plus, going from your house to the pool is a lot easier when there’s a deck in between. If you’re looking to add a deck around your pool here’s what you need to know.

Why Sealing is a Must

No matter what type of wood material or design you choose the one thing every pool deck should have is the proper sealer. Sealing the deck will extend the life of the wood, helping to ward off water damage and weathering. Laying down a layer of sealer is suggested for any deck, but one that’s going to surround a pool should definitely have it. You’ll also need to plan to reapply sealer once a year to keep your wood looking as good as possible.

Decking Materials to Use

Today, even people with in-ground pools are opting for wood decking instead of concrete surrounds. Not only is it more attractive, it’s also easier to maintain. When considering your decking options keep the following in mind:

  • What material will be comfortable on bare feet?
  • What material won’t get too slippery when it’s wet?
  • What material will reflect rather than absorb the heat?
  • What material will be more resistant to water damage?

Hardwoods like Ipe decking are an excellent choice because they are very resistant to rot and are very durable.

Pressure-treated lumber is a more affordable option that can also handle the water exposure, however, it won’t be as durable as hardwood.

Composite decking is an option that many people opt for around a pool because it won’t rot or splinter.

Pool Deck Designs

When it comes to pool deck design the number one question is whether to go with a deck that wraps all the way around or a partial pool deck. A partial pool deck will be more affordable and still provide easy access to the pool. Of course, a pool deck that goes all the way around will give you more usable space and make getting in and out of the pool easy no matter where you are.

Almost all pool deck designs sit flush, or almost flush, with the top of the pool, which is called the coping. The most important thing is to make sure that there isn’t much room between the pool edge and the deck to avoid accidents.

Consider adding in a seating area so that others that aren’t swimming can still enjoy the pool area.

Because the deck will be up off the ground several feet a deck rail will likely need to be a part of the build so that everything is up to code.

Adding a pool ladder to the design mix is also a great idea that makes it easier for swimmers to climb in and out. The pool ladder will need to be screwed into the deck so carefully consider where you want it to be located.

If you would like more information on woods that work well for pool decks give TimberTown Austin a call. Our knowledgeable reps are always happy to share their expertise no matter what phase of the project you’re in.

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