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Spring Hollow Deck & Porch

Austin, TX

Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture
Ray Tonjes Builders


Few outdoor living products have the lasting beauty and strength of the exotic hardwood ipe. When you couple that timeless beauty with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, the result is a deck and porch like this one in Austin's peaceful Spicewood Springs suburb. 

As part of a total home remodel, Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture and Ray Tonjes Builders set out to create two outdoor spaces that naturally went together. By using ipe for both the deck and porch, the two spaces seamlessly flow from one to the other. But, some of the best parts of this deck are the details that aren't so obvious. Here's some of the highlights of this timeless ipe deck and porch. 


When the homeowners set out to renovate this 40 year old home in Spicewood Springs, their architect contacted Ray Tonjes Builder, Inc. to create an outdoor space that complimented the old and new parts of the home. Mixing timeless materials like ipe with contemporary colors and design styles, this project is both sophisticated and stunning. 


As the strongest decking product in the world, ipe was an excellent choice for this project. With a life span of 50+ years, this deck and porch will last for generations. To keep ipe's natural color, a hardwood sealant can be applied when the color starts to fade. Otherwise, the deck will gradually turn a silverish-gray color.


Although it's as clear as glass, this ipe porch is actually screened in. The heavy duty screen keeps insects out while allowing a calming breeze to come in. The ipe decking used on the porch matches the deck to create a uniform look across the outdoor space. The iron bars used for the rail are also continued around the lower section of the porch for added safety. With the large stone fireplace front and center, this porch can used all year long. 


Tonjes went the extra mile in building this remarkable project. The railing posts and steps are a prime example of the work that went into this deck and porch. For the railing, Tonjes used ipe as a top cap and brought the posts over the edge of the deck, securing them with carriage bolts to add character. LIkewise, the stairs have a picture frame pattern that mirrors the rest of the deck, subtly tying everything together.


Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference in how long a deck can continue to look beautiful. Leaving a slight gap in the corners of the railing allow this natural hardwood to expand and contract during changes in the weather, which will keep the rail looking perfect for decades to come. From caulking the seams on the railing to perfect lines on the picture framing of the deck and porch, the builder made sure this project was done right from beginning to end.


When asked, the hoemowners couldn't be happier with how their home remodel turned out. Now they can spend their mornings on the deck listening to the sounds of nature and the creek flowing through their backyard. During the hot summer days, a cozy porch keeps them shaded from the hot sun. What's not to like about this amazing project!

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A special thank you to the homeowners, Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture and Ray Tonjes Builder, Inc. for helping us with this featured project.

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