Set the Mood with These Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Options

Photographers will tell you that lighting is everything. It can totally transform an area, including outdoor spaces like decks. When you want to set a certain mood or showcase your deck in a new way, consider these lighting options.

Back Patio Ambiance

Intimate Lighting

In the great outdoors you can create an intimate space with the right lighting. The idea is to keep it soft and provide just enough light to illuminate things. The lighting options below are perfect for when you’re having a romantic dinner on the deck or relaxing under the stars.

Torch lighting brings the warmth and softness of candlelight outdoors. Just be care to place these at a safe distance and make sure they are securely in place before lighting.

Flameless candles are a safe option for getting a fire-like look and romantic feel. The column candles look almost identical to the real thing, but they run on batteries. Place them on the patio table, along the railing, in seating areas and just about anywhere else.

Strings lights that are draped overhead mimic that look of the stars and shine just enough light down on the deck without being overbearing.

Feature Focus Lighting

Sometimes there’s a part of your deck that you want to really stand out. Lighting is a great way of putting focus on features you want to showcase.

Lighting on the steps is a great way to help people safely see where they’re going and draw attention to this architectural features. Place lights on the back kickboard of each step so that all the steps are illuminated. You can also opt to put a single light at the edge or in the middle of each step, or use strip lighting to line the length of the steps.

Line the railing with lights to create a sense of space and added safety. Options for this excellent source of ambient lighting include lights built into caps, string lights woven long the top railing, strip lighting mounted underneath the top rail and lights on the ground along the railing.

Lights in water features draw the eye right to your pool, fountain or pond. The movement of the water can also create a cool lighting affect. There are lights that operate under the water as well as ones that will float on top of the water.

Patio Stars

Fun Lighting

One of the newest deck lighting trends is star floors. These incorporate fiber optic lighting that is drilled directly into the decking. The result is tiny points of light sprinkled across the deck floor.

Use colored lights just about anywhere on your deck to give it an unexpected burst of life. Color can psychologically change a person’s mood and colored lights are no different. Today, you can get virtually any color of light as well as systems that switch up the light color with a push of a button using RBG LED lights. It’s an awesome way to give your deck a little more personality.

Chinese lanterns are a go-to lighting source for those that want to have a little fun. They are festive and come in a variety of colors and patterns. If you’re throwing a theme party Chinese lanterns make a great lighting option that you can tie in to the rest of the décor.

The more options you have for your deck lighting the better equipped you’ll be for setting the right mood. Keep control in mind when you’re setting up your lighting so you can change it up whenever you want or change the direction of the lights to illuminate something in a new way.

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