Start Planning Your New Projects for the New Year

Did you make a resolution to get your yard looking better than ever in 2014? Then don’t let any time go to waste! You may not be able to break ground yet, but you can start planning for it. The first part of the planning phase is deciding which project you want to take on.

Glasses on Plans

Trends for outdoor projects this year are all about making your exterior an extension of the interior. More and more people are blending their living spaces so the outdoors become just as usable and enjoyable as the indoors. Below you’ll find Timbertown Austin’s top suggestions for projects worth putting on the short list.

Outdoor Rooms

Despite the heat people in Texas like to enjoy their natural surroundings. So much so, there’s been a movement to building full on rooms for specific purposes outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most popular outdoor rooms is a kitchen. This area is an expansion of the traditional grill that can be simple and functional, or decked out with built-in counter-tops, wine coolers and ice-makers.

Reading Nooks

You may not want to store your books outside, but a quiet reading nook is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. They don’t take up much space but offer the perfect place to curl up with a good book if you incorporate built in sitting and a little shade.


Yoga, art, meditation – a studio gives homeowners a place to get away and relax. Rather than making a studio with four solid walls, most people opt to simply screen them in so they can still enjoy the nature around them and get good airflow.

Private Patios Off the Master Bedroom

Even if you already have a deck, adding a smaller patio that can only be accessed through the master bedroom is an addition worth making. It will have a much more intimate feel and turn the master bedroom/bathroom into a real master suite.

The key here is to create privacy. You can do so by screening the patio in or using a trellis and some fast growing greenery for a natural barrier.

Transitional Indoor / Outdoor Areas

Transitional spaces make moving from the indoors to the outdoors seamless. The idea is to create a space just outside of the home that feels as if it were built to be a part of the interior.

  • Consider adding glass sliding doors or French doors that provide a wide-open view out to the patio and beyond.
  • If you have wood flooring in your house opt for decking that has a similar appearance to create to illusion of one cohesive floor.
  • Extending the roof-line out several feet will create an intermediate area that offers protection from the elements.
  • Mirror your interior décor in the transitional area – use a similar color scheme, incorporate outdoor furniture and put some matching plants outside and inside around the entryway to the patio.

Transitional areas connect the inside of a home with the property that surrounds it. From the inside you should be able to see the outside, and as soon as you open the door to the patio it should feel like you’re walking into another room.

These are just a few ideas for outdoor projects to try in 2014. If you would like some expert advice on the scope of work for one of these projects give Timbertown Austin a call and we’ll be happy to help you put together a plan.

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