outdoor shower

Outdoor Showers: Clean Comfort Worth Craving

It’s a clear fact and an undeniable trend: We’re taking the well-designed comforts of our homes’ interiors and replicating them on the outside. Exhibit A: the outdoor shower. It’s what makes home not just a shelter, but a destination. The routine shower is officially over. So let’s talk…more

Yard privacy by Pool

Tricks To Making Your Yard More Private

Odd, noisy and curious neighbors might provide interesting material for water cooler talk, but having a yard with privacy is far more preferable. We love to brainstorm attractive and stylish ways to solve our residential problems. By making a few changes to your yard, you can reclaim the…more

FSC Woods

Should I Buy FSC Certified Lumber?

“Is this wood from a sustainable forest?” “Is this product eco-friendly?” If you’re an architect or builder, you probably get asked these questions a lot. We all want to do our part to take care of the environment, and purchasing recycled or sustainable products like lumber is a…more