Tips on Safely Decorating Your Deck for Fall

Fall is a great time to show off your deck with fun decorations. People will be out and about, holiday parties will be in full swing and it’s one time when you can let your creativity get as kooky as you want. But the last thing you need is a truly scary situation created by decorating mishaps.

Fall Deck Ideas

Watch Your Cords

Fog machines, lights – there are sure to be a lot of cords being plugged in around your deck. When that’s the case, cords can cause a serious safety hazard. To avoid safety issues:

  • Keep cords clear of walk ways.
  • Tape cords down so they don’t trip people up.
  • Keep electrical cords away from metal objects and surfaces, like railings.
  • Make sure extension cords and electronics are safe to be used outside. They should be labeled safe for outside use.
  • Always pull electronics out by the plug not the cord.
  • Don’t put cords under rugs.

Another concern when it comes to cords is not overloading a circuit. Resist the urge to max out a multi-outlet power strip. Most power strips will have a wattage rating. Add up the wattage of all the things you have plugged in. If it’s more than what the power strip is rated for start unplugging a few things.

Tame the Scare Tactics

When people go to a haunted house they are expecting to be scared. When they walk out onto your deck that’s a different story. If you do want to give guests a scary surprise, keep decor away from areas like the stairs or railings. Also consider putting up warning signs or reflective tape to give people more warning.

Illuminate to Keep Things Safe

If guests are going to be walking onto the deck make sure that it is illuminated well so everyone is safe. But don’t just go with plain, everyday lights.

  • Use lanterns to light the steps.
  • Wrap strings lights around the railings.
  • Extend the lighting beyond the deck so that the walkway is also well lit.
  • If there’s an adjacent wall use a projector to light it up with various scenes.

Keep reading for more illumination safety concerns and solutions.

Be Careful with the Candles

Candles are some of the most common decorations that get put out during Fall – but they are also some of the most dangerous. Fire plus wood should be reserved for the fireplace only. A little bit of forethought before can help keep things safe.

  • Instead of using real candles light up flameless versions.
  • Sit lanterns on a non-flammable surface. If you really want to sit it directly on the deck put dishes down first.
  • Keep lights away from flammable decorations like crepe paper and streamers.
  • Don’t place candles on tabletops – if someone bumps into it you’ll have an unexpected scare.

Keep the howls and horrors off your deck when you’re decorating this year by using the safety tips above. There are plenty of ways to have fun by dressing up your deck, but it should never come at the expense of safety.

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