Unique Deck Designs to Try in 2014

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to start some new projects around your house. If you have the desire, but are looking for the inspiration Timbertown Austin is here to help. Sure you can lay your deck normally from side to side, but what is the fun in that? Here’s a look at the different decking designs that might strike the deck Picasso in you!

Curved Decks Thanks to Trex

Before we share some interesting designs we wanted to take a moment to talk about how deck design has been revolutionized in recent years. Not long ago the possibilities were limited to 90° angles. Square and rectangles reigned supreme in the realm of decks. Today, the boundaries have been blown wide open thanks to Trex composite decking.

If you’re in the market for a composite decking material you have a lot of design options open to you thanks to the Trex CustomCurve™ Heating & Bending Solution. This system requires the use of a heater and forming table, but the process is fairly straightforward and makes incorporating curved designs a snap. If you’d like to have a pro handle the heating and bending give Timbertown Austin a call.

Our Favorite Deck Designs for 2014

Perfect Circle

A circular deck is simple, but it’s a great attention getter because it is so unconventional. This is a great option if you’re on a budget or have limited yard space.

Circular Deck

Curved Walkway

If you don’t need a complete deck but would like a unique walkway from one place to the next in your yard this curved design is worth a try.

Curved Walkway

Create a Spa Nook

Let the curvature of your spa inspire the flow of your deck. This example shows how the railings, steps and seating work together to create a curved, wavy appearance.

Spa Nook Curved Deck

Let Nature Take Its Course

If you have mature plants or landscaping that you want to work around an organic design can help blend your deck into the environment.

Asian Curved Porch

Ride the Wave

A curved design doesn’t just apply to the perimeter of this deck. The surface of this deck is waved for built-in seating in the sun.

Rooftop Curved Deck

Curved Deck Design

Inlaying a design within the decking is another way to work in curves like the leaf design shown here.

Curved Deck with Design

Interested in an out of the norm deck design? Give us a call at Timbertown Austin to discuss your design ideas!

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