Wood Storage for Your Closets

There always seems to be a shortage of storage space no matter how big your home is. So, it’s no wonder that a 2013 National Association of Realtors survey found that storage was one of the most important factors for homebuyers. In fact, a walk-in closet in the master bedroom polled as the second most important feature after central air conditioning. It also ranked #3 in features that people were willing to pay more for when buying a home. Among those who did buy homes, even people who were most satisfied with their purchase said they would like to have more closet space and storage.

Most of the time lack of storage space is simply a result of how things are organized and the storage options that are available. There are plenty of ways a homeowner can maximize their closet space with various wood storage options.

Wood Storage Closets

A Note on Wood Options for the Closet

Basically any wood can be used to help you increase your storage options when you’re short on space, but some woods provide additional benefits. Cedar lumber is an excellent selection for closet storage because it is naturally insect resistant and it has a nice aroma that combats the musty smell that can develop over time.

Wood Shelves

Wood shelves are one of the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways to add storage space to a closet. With shelves you can go all the way up to the ceiling and over doorways to maximize the vertical space.

Stackable Wooden Boxes

Take a page right out of the professional mover’s handbook and get yourself some stackable wooden boxes. These are a great way to go vertical and conserve floor space. Stackable wooden boxes are best for items that rarely get used such as holiday decorations, baby memorabilia and grandma’s quilts.

Towers with Bins

Wooden towers are tall structures that are divided into numerous segments. Items can be stored directly in a section or bins can be used to make it look tidier and maximize the storage. Just be careful to check the maximum load if you use a tower that is affixed to the wall.

Tie Hanger

A wooden tie hanger can be attached directly to the wall to save some space since ties lie flat. Don’t have ties? The tie hanger can still be used for scarves, necklaces, tank tops, etc.

Closet System

Have a wall in the closet that’s not being utilized? A wooden closet system is a series of wooden shelves, hangers, racks and more that can be configured for your specific needs and space. They can be affixed directly to the wall and some can even be reconfigured as needed. It’s a simple DIY project with a high return.

Stand Alone Wood Storage

Even after organizing if you still don’t have enough space you can always add stand alone storage in bedrooms, an entryway, etc. A wood armoire, wardrobe or cabinet is attractive and practical for keeping things tucked away out of sight.

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