3 Things Every Builder will Love about This Hotel

What do I love about the Carpenter Hotel? 

Originally home to Austin's Carpenter's Union, the Carpenter Hotel is a newly opened boutique hotel with a restaurant, bar, and event space. Developed by Portland-based Mighty Union and constructed by DPR Construction, there's three things that I love about this quirky hotel; and, they all have to do with the poolside deck and curved boardwalk.


1. The Footings

The deck was built by Austin Deck Company, the the first thing I love about it is the footings. In order to preserve the surrounding heritage trees, Austin Deck used the TuffBlock Instant Foundation System. TuffBlock footings weigh 1.5 lbs but can support 1,700 lbs, and they don't require any digging around the root system of the heritage trees.


2. The Framing

The second thing I love about this project is the framing. In order to accommodate the trees and the curved design of the boardwalk, small cuts are made in the joists allowing them to flex and create those curves. Very cool trick!


3. The Surface Decking

The third thing I love about this project is the surface decking. Ipe from Overseas Hardwoods Co. was used which compliments the steel and adobe blocks used in the courtyard. The hotel decided it will let the Ipe gray out over time, so after a couple of summers this deck will be a uniform patina gray.


You can learn more about The Carpenter Hotel by visiting http://carpenterhotel.com.

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