Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time. That's why we carry what you need to put your project together perfectly for a beautiful outdoor space. Not all accessories, like hardware or lighting, are created equal. We have the highest quality brands so you can compare and find the products that fit your needs best. From tools to stains, we've got you covered.

Diamond Pier Footing

The Pin Foundation Advantage: A solid pin pile foundation that reaches deep into the ground without digging holes or pouring concrete! Installation is simple. The precast concrete head is installed at the ground surface, and steel bearing pins are driven through the head and into the ground using simple hand-held tools. This is the best way to install a reliable and durable foundation that will last the lifetime of your structure.


Without hardware and fasteners, your project is just a pile of materials. Your connectors make all the difference in the look and stability of your outdoor space, which is why we stock the highest quality brands in hardware, fasteners, and hidden fastening systems. Take a look at the brands and product lines we stock and turn your pile of materials into a beautiful and timeless space.



Lattice is a great way to hide the unsightly area under your deck or create a place to store outdoor items. There are many options for lattice, and we carry the most popular profiles in stock so you're always able to put the finishing touches on your project.


Outdoor lighting can set the mood for your outdoor space, that's why we carry a variety of the top brands so you can create the perfect nighttime ambiance. Whether you want a great space for entertaining or relaxing after a long day, we have the perfect outdoor lighting for your project.


A good stain or sealant can not only highlight the beauty of your project but also protect your outdoor space from weather and fading. Depending on if you're using a hardwood or softwood product, the stain or sealant you use will be different. We can help you find the right finish for your project.


Every craftsman knows you're only as good as your tools, so we make sure to stock the right tools to get your project done right. Use a hidden fastener tool to give your outdoor space a seamless look. Or, pick up a BoWrench to bend boards or join tongue and groove joints. No matter the outdoor project, we have the quality tools that make life easier.


We carry everything you need to make your outdoor deck a beautiful space to enjoy with family and friends. These trim and porch components will add the perfect finishing touch to your building project.

Our Extensive Product Guide

We are meticulous and exacting in our selection of products. We choose to buy the best composite decking, highest grades of cedar, long-lasting hardwoods like Ipe, an incredible selection of modified woods and some very unique components for all product lines.