Siding and Soffits

Looking Great
From Any Angle

Whether it's inside, outside, on the wall, or on the ceiling, adding natural wood brings a beautiful and timeless element to your space. To ensure you have the right product for any application, we have the ability to mill any of our hardwoods or softwoods to be used as siding or soffit. Not sure which profile you need? Our product experts can help you choose the perfect profile for the look you want.


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Shiplap Profile

Shiplap/Lap & Gap

1x6 Tex-Gap Profile


Tongue and Groove Pattern 116 Profile

Tongue & Groove #116

Tongue and Groove Pattern 122 Profile

Tongue & Groove #122

Need More Options?

If you're looking for a specific milling profile, call or visit one of our locations and we can help you get the perfect look for your project.