Softwoods are the oldest and most traditional types of decking, like the popular cedar and redwood species. They are lightweight and great for staining and sealing. If you're looking to build a beautiful deck that's easy to install and built to last, go with a softwood.

Softwoods Materials Guide

Curious about softwood lumber? Take the guess work out of deciding between Cedar, Redwood, Douglas Fir, Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Yellow Pine and get our Softwoods Booklet! This downloadable resource has information about all the softwood products we carry in stock, including grades, dimensions, and lengths.

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Softwoods Resources

Flat Sawn vs Quarter Sawn Lumber

Before hardwood products ever make it to your deck, house or commercial project, a decision must first be made on how to cut the lumber. There are three ways that the lumber can be cut: flat sawn, rift sawn, and quarter sawn…

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Why is Cedar So Expensive Right Now? What’s New in 2018.

Editor’s Note: This blog has been updated as of February 15, 2018 to reflect recent changes in Cedar and Softwood…more

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Towne Lake Pass Boardwalk

Featured Project Towne Lake Pass Boardwalk Project Towne Lake Pass Boardwalk Location Atlanta, GA Builder Integrated Construction & Nobility, Inc.…more

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Greenprints trail under construction

Greenprints Trail System: A Sustainable Community Builder

  When Integrated Construction and Nobility, Inc. (ICAN) set out to create a walkway for part of the Greenprints Trail System…more

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