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Without hardware and fasteners, your project is just a pile of materials. Your connectors make all the difference in the look and stability of your outdoor space, which is why we stock the highest quality brands in hardware, fasteners, and hidden fastening systems. Take a look at the brands and product lines we stock and turn your pile of materials into a beautiful and timeless space.

Brands We Stock



Best known for their innovative hidden fastening system, CAMO is a leader in fastening options. From deckboards to the substructure, they can provide fasteners for solid or grooved softwoods and hardwoods. CAMO fastener options are sure take your project to the next level.

Fastener Product Lines

Hidden Fastening System •>

Hidden Clips •>

Hidden Fastener Tools •>


Faster, easier, and stronger than typical fasteners, FastenMaster has several options for screws and hidden fasteners. Their unique Cortex Plug System makes it easy to create a seamless look on any wood or composite surface.

Fastener Product Lines

Tiger Claw Hidden Clips •>

Cortex for Decking •>

Cortex for PVC Trim •>

Cortex Driller for Steel •>

LOK Line Wood Screws •>

Deck & Trim Screws •>


The Hillman Group has been the premier distributor of fasteners for 50 years. Focusing on quality, service, and innovation, they produce screws, nuts, washers, and bolts you can count on.

Hillman Fastener Products •>


Up to three times stronger than other deck fastening systems, IPE CLIP is one of the top brands for deck screws, tools, and hidden fasteners. Their hidden clip products are designed to make your deck safer, last longer, and look amazing. They have everything you need to build a perfect deck.

Fastener Product Lines

IPE CLIP Standard •>

IPE CLIP Extreme •>

IPE CLIP ExtremeKD •>

IPE CLIP Extreme4 •>

Other Products

Ipe Hardwood Wrench •>

Ipe Oil •>

DeckWise •>


With new decking materials being introduced every year, Starborn Industries works to stay ahead of the trends so they can always provide the best fastener solutions. Working closely with decking manufacturers, Starborn products have changed the way decks are built.

Fastener Product Lines

Pro Plug System For Wood •>

Deckfast Screws •>

Pro Plug System For PVC •>

Cap-Tor Screws •>

Other Products

Smart-Bit Pre-Drilling & Countersinking Tool •>


One of the best in the business, Simpson Strong-Tie carries hundreds of connectors and fasteners how any project. From joist hangers and post bases to wood screws, Strong-Tie is the only fastener brand you need.

Fastener Product Lines

Wood Connectors •>

Fasteners •>


Outdoor lighting can set the mood for your outdoor space, that's why we carry a variety of the top brands so you can create the perfect nighttime ambiance. Whether you want a great space for entertaining or relaxing after a long day, we have the perfect outdoor lighting for your project.

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Every craftsman knows you're only as good as your tools, so we make sure to stock the right tools to get your project done right. Use a hidden fastener tool to give your outdoor space a seamless look. Or, pick up a BoWrench to bend boards or join tongue and groove joints. No matter the outdoor project, we have the quality tools that make life easier.

Tools We Stock

Hidden Fastener Systems

Deck Removal

Pre-Drilling Bits

Countersinking Bits

Board Straightening

Board Bending


Brands We Stock