Sustainable Products

Our business thrives on natural materials that need to be handled properly to ensure our products are around for a long time. The only way to truly know whether your products are sustainable is to manage the process beginning to end. See how TimberTown and Overseas Hardwoods Company (OHC) are raising the standard in responsible forest management.

We go to the source

When working with international forests and mills, it's difficult to set up certifications that every country will adhere to. Although many countries have sustainability regulations, like Fiji, how those regulations are enforced can vary greatly. For this reason, OHC sends a hardwood buyer to select our international products and choose the mills with the best sustainability practices. Our hardwood buyers travel to Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Fiji, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries at peak purchase times so we can handpick the best products from sustainable forests. We'd rather go straight to the source rather than rely on rumors or hearsay.

We partner with the best

For products grown in the United States, like redwood and cedar, we form strong partnerships with companies committed to sustainable forest management. Companies like Weyerhauser, who plants 72 million seedlings a year, most of which are grown in their own nurseries. By seeking out companies with similar values, we can feel good about the products we sell.

We support leading industry groups

Above and beyond complying with Federal laws like the Lacey Act, TimberTown and OHC support established national and international industry groups. Sometimes certain sustainable certifications can be talked about so much that they seem necessary. After 50 years in the hardwood industry, OHC supports groups and associations that have made most impact long term in sustainable forest management.

Industry Groups We Support

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