Diamond Pier Foundation System

Diamond Pier® foundations are uniquely suited for use in public projects such as boardwalks, pavilions, overlooks, and bridges. Installed without excavation, they’re also great to have on hand in the maintenance garage for quick, small or temporary constructions projects. Using a wide variety of Pier sizes and Pin lengths specific to the strength of the soils and project loads, installation is simple, and can be accomplished by public works crews, general contractors or volunteer groups without special training. The Piers have a range of available embedded anchor bolt configurations to attach to post or beam brackets, and there are also 4-bolt models, allowing for steel plate, I-beam connections or column leveling.

Light on the eyes,
light on the budget.

Once installed the Diamond Pier® foundation system has a low profile and solid base that can support a longterm build for many years. If a temporary project is what you have in mind, Diamond Pier® can be easily removed using a pipe wrench, leaving almost no trace that they were there in the first place. Economically friendly and easy to use, Diamond Pier® can be used in a variety of do it yourself projects.

Easy Installation

Diamond Pier® foundations are simple to install and work great in areas where traditional concrete foundations are not possible, such as wetlands or environmentally sensitive areas. Because of this Diamond Pier® has been widely used in construction projects in many of the national parks here in the USA.