TimberTown Austin

Lumber Yard & Showroom

15607 Grand St.
Pflugerville, TX 78660
Phone: (512) 528-8112
Fax: (512) 528-8220


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Store Hours

Mon - Fri         7:00am - 5:00pm
Sat                  8:00am - 12:00pm
Closed major holidays.

Shawn's Roadhouse

The last Friday of Every Month we host a FREE BBQ for anyone who wants to come. Just show up anytime between 12pm and 3pm for great food and a great time.


About TimberTown Austin

As the fastest growing and coolest city in America, Austin was an obvious choice for the TimberTown headquarters. We've been keeping Austin weird since 2006, which is why we're proud to be the largest supplier of exotic hardwoods in Central Texas.

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Versatile Cedar Siding

Cedar siding, for decades, has been thought of exclusively in terms of exterior applications. A new era of design has challenged those long-held ideas. Wood siding has become an integral part of today’s interior design in every application from accent walls to large modern spaces.  Cedar siding especially, can add…more

Cedar Grades

#TimberTips Cedar Grades: Whats the Difference? How can you figure out what grade of cedar you need for your project?   Lumber grades are very technical and detailed, which means they can be confusing and complicated when deciding what grade you want for a project. Different species have different grading…more

Can Softwoods Be As Durable As Hardwoods?

#TimberTips Can Softwoods be as durable as Hardwoods? Generally speaking, Softwoods and Hardwoods are classified based on the density of the wood species and the growth of the tree. Slower growth equals a denser species making it a hardwood. But, there are some products in the market that start as…more

Ledge Mountain Pool Deck

Featured Project Ledge Mountain Pool Deck Project Ledge Mountain Pool Deck Location Austin, TX Builder Centex Decks Products Kebony Clear RAP Once these homeowners purchased this West Austin home, they knew they had to go to work renovating from the inside out. The house had been on the market for…more