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TimberTown Product Guide

Our Extensive Product Guide

We are meticulous and exacting in our selection of products. We choose to buy the best composite decking, highest grades of cedar, long-lasting hardwoods like Ipe, an incredible selection of modified woods and some very unique components for all product lines.


Our Inspiration Guide

As an introduction to TimberTown we created this catalog to guide you through our various specialties and hope you enjoy looking at some of our clients' projects. We work hard to facilitate the goals and objectives of owners, architects, designers, and builders. Our products and services are well-chosen to make certain your aspirations are reflected in your final project. We work hard to select quality products from sustainable resources, sourced from reliable partners and manufactured to exacting standards. We hire our associates and treat them well. We strive to be an employer of choice, so we hire and take care of the talented associates needed to provide the highest level of service. Above all, we love our clients and appreciate each and every project, even the most challenging ones. We hope this guide will be helpful and remember to choose TimberTown when impressive is important.

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Modified Product Guide

Modified wood is wood sourced from sustainably managed forests that is structurally changed to take on the properties of domestic and and tropical hardwoods. The modification creates tremendously durable products without the deforestation. Learn more about TimberTown's entire Modified product line in this free guide.

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Siding & Soffits: The Ultimate Profile Guide

Whether it's inside or outside, on the wall or on the ceiling, adding wood brings a beautiful and timeless element to your space. To ensure you have the right product for any application, we created this guide with the most common profiles and prefinished products.

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The Ultimate Technical Guide

There's no doubt that tropical hardwoods are becoming more and more popular for decks, siding and other modern applications, but how do you make sure you're specifying the right material for your project? We put together a guide with all of the technical and aesthetic information you need to make the right hardwood choice for your upcoming project.

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Softwoods Material Guide

Curious about softwood decking? Take the guess work out of deciding between Cedar, Redwood, or Treated Pine decking and get our Softwoods Booklet! This downloadable resource has information about all the softwood products we carry in stock, including grades, dimensions, and lengths.

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Composite Product Guide

Composite decking has come a long way since it was first introduced in the early 90's. Created using wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent - composite decking is low maintenance and incredibly durable. Since it's made mostly of recycled materials, composite lumber is also eco-friendly. TimberTown carries the best composite products available, all of which come with a 25 year - up to a lifetime warranty. Browse through our Composite Product Guide to find the right brand, look, and feel for your next project.

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6 Deck Patterns That Save You Money

We would all love a deck that is both beautiful and unique. And, there are plenty of board patterns that can be used on your next deck, but did you know some patterns can actually save you money without a lot of extra time?!