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Siding & Soffits: The Ultimate Profile Guide

Whether it's inside or outside, on the wall or on the ceiling, adding wood brings a beautiful and timeless element to your space. To ensure you have the right product for any application, we created this guide with the most common profiles and pre-finished products.

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The Ultimate Siding & Soffits Profile Guide

There's no more second guessing when it comes to choosing the right profile for your project. This FREE guide shows you each profile we carry, along with the application, specifications, and options.

In this guide, you'll find:

  • Our most popular profiles and patterns with specifications
  • Profile pattern highlights
  • Available dimensions and lengths of softwoods and hardwoods for each pattern
  • Patterns and colors for products that offer a "reclaimed look"
  • Prefinished product options like Real Soffit™, Synergy, and Trespa
  • Formulas for calculating the lineal footage needed for your project

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