Your Project Deserves To Stand Out
Homeowners work with TimberTown when impressive is important. We supply the lumber products that make your project special, with the expertise you need to be confident in your design choices. Let us help you get the recognition you deserve.


Largest Selection of Decking Products

Looking for a beautiful hardwood that won't break the bank? Look no further than the golden garapa. Don't let the color fool you, there's nothing "light" about the durability of this product.


Your railing system may be the last piece to your project, but it's also extremely important. Beyond needing deck railing that's safe, this will be the most visible part of your outdoor space. Take care in choosing the right railing for your project. Are you looking for a modern look? Need to make sure your stunning view is unobstructed? We can help you make the right railing choice. Below are the available railing choices, all of which are available at any TimberTown location.



Treated Yellow Pine.

For over fifty years, pressure-treated lumber has been the framing product of choice. Our southern yellow pine is treated with the MicroPro preservative process, which has received EPP certification from the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) based on its life cycle. What does that mean? It means we use the only wood treatment process guaranteed to withstand rot, fungal decay, and termite attacks. Plus, it's environmentally and family-friendly.

Steel Framing

TimberTown offers several steel framing options when you're looking for an alternative to traditional wood framing.

Stains and Sealants

A good stain or sealant can not only highlight the beauty of your project but also protect your outdoor space from weather and fading. Depending on if you're using a hardwood or softwood product, the stain or sealant you use will be different. We can help you find the right finish for your project.



Find Inspiration

We've uploaded hundreds of photos from projects we've supplied to help you get ideas for your indoor or outdoor space. Whether it's a residential or commercial project, we're here to help you keep the creative juices flowing.



Tropical hardwoods can provide their fair share of challenges when it comes to installation. That's why we provide the tools and resources necessary to keep you looking like a pro on the job site. Here are some tips and tools for installing Hardwood decking and siding.

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