Aerial shot of commercial ipe deck

Research Park Courtyard

Austin, TX

Centex Decks


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Research Park Courtyard

In a business park off of Austin's Research Blvd., lies this courtyard in Research Park. Home of Charles Schwab and other businesses, the courtyard uses 5,000 sq. ft. of a dense, imported hardwood called Ipe. Built by Centex Decks, the most prominent deck has a unique curved edge to it, with integrated concrete ledges providing both function and form. A secondary deck wraps around a few trees, so Centex used I-beams to cantilever out to support the areas of the deck that surround the trees. There are Ipe accents throughout the walkway to the courtyard, giving it a beautiful modern look. Overall, this project is an excellent escape for employees to gather, build relationships, and relax.