Westlake Deck and Pool

Cedar Siding

These homeowners in Westlake reached out to our friends at Austin Deck Company to build them the outdoor living area of their dreams. After deliberating designs and layout, the team moved forward with their plan. A two-story deck was built with both a pool and fireplace - as well as a covered sitting area with outdoor dining table, couches, and a television. Azek Vintage Decking in English Walnut was used to build the deck -  and custom cedar siding was used throughout the project. The finished product is a beautiful outdoor space that can be used every season of the year. Whether cooling off in the pool, watching games in the seating area, enjoying a family meal, or warming up next to the fire pit; this space will be enjoyed by all for many years to come.

Cedar Siding
Cedar Siding Austin
Azek Decking Cedar Siding
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