Koch Construction Lake House Austin

Luxurious lake house living is a dream for many Austinites. Koch Construction's specialty of making high-end residential construction and remodeling of architect-designed homes, makes this a dream, a reality.  An estate with a corner lakefront lot, provided the opportunity to design three Ipe docks and decking with a gorgeous multi-leveled roof with spectacular soffits and siding.  Ultimately, this dream home provides the opportunity to live in your vacation home every day!  We at TimberTown were honored to supply the Ipe, Soffits and Siding, as well as the Douglas Fir Beams for this one-of-a-kind property.

The WestLake custom home design, features many levels of soffits, providing an opportunity both Clear Mixed Grain Douglas Fir and Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir. TimberTown custom milled these softwoods to the architect and builder's specifications.

The grand entrance is enhanced by an elegant soffit that sets the tone for the estate: the blend of luxurious living and lakeside oasis.

The corner lakeside property provides an opportunity for three docks and decking. Ipe decking and docks were the ideal choice for the lakeside estate because of it's durability and reputation for standing the test of time.

The docks, decking and soffits wrap around the exterior of the home to complement all of the design features of this custom built estate. A key to the design of the overall property was for the docks, decking and soffits to coordinate form and function for an original look and inviting feel from every vantage point around the home.

The finished product combines the waterfront views with carefully curated design to provide a one-of-a-kind living space and weekend getaway in the Westlake area of Austin Texas.

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