6 Deck Patterns That Can Save You Money

We know the last few months have been crazy, and that everyone is tired of being stuck at home. With so much time spent indoors, one of the most obvious trends is homeowners improving their outdoor living space. So, we’re going to discuss 6 Deck Patterns That Save You Money, this week on TimberTips!

We would all love a deck pattern that is both beautiful and unique. And, there are plenty of board patterns that can be used on your next deck, but did you know some patterns can actually save you money without a lot of extra time! I’m sure you’re wondering how a deck pattern can save you money? The short answer is shorts:

Most decks are built with 16- and 20-foot boards, but those popular lengths come at a premium price. Using shorter length boards can save you up to 25% on decking, sometimes more if you’re using a hardwood like Ipe. That means on an average sized deck (430 sq. ft.) you could save over $1,000 by using shorts!

So lets go over 6 tried and true deck patterns that use shorter length boards!