Does Ipe Have a Warranty?

Ipe is a Brazilian Hardwood that is imported for Decking, Siding, and other millwork products. As a natural wood product, there are elements of Ipe and any wood species that you can't control. There are no guarantees with Ipe.


Still, we have inquiries often asking what sort of warranty we have on our Ipe. I decided to google search Ipe warranties and found several companies that have documented 20 - 25-year limited warranties on Ipe.


First of all, we need to talk about the purpose of having a warranty on Ipe. A warranty is meant to protect the customer from a faulty product. So, what defects happen with an Ipe deck board?


Even when properly installed, Ipe can still warp, crack, split or have other minor defects. But these warranties don't cover any defects due to a change in the natural properties of the wood. That means warping, cupping, splintering, shrinking, staining are never covered under any circumstance.


On some of the warranties, it was impossible to find what they DO cover. Most said the warranty covered rot, termite damage, and fungal decay when installed correctly.


Well, you don't need a warranty to tell you Ipe isn't going to rot or decay, all Ipe has those properties. The only thing an importer can control is the quality of the finished product: but that's not covered.


In our opinion, a warranty on Ipe is a way to make you feel good without providing real protection against a defective board. Rather than looking for a warranty, look for information on the grades of Ipe a company sells or what importers they work with and their reputation.


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