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Lakehouse Docks and Siding

Lakehouse Docks & Siding

Marietta, GA

Atlanta Design & Build


Owning all of the property around a small lake has its advantages, like being able to drain the lake in order to build brand new Brazilian Hardwood docks. That's what the owners of this private lake in Marietta, GA did when installing their new multi-slip and platform Docks. Built by Atlanta Design & Build, these Ipe docks were installed on dry land, which reduced both installation time and labor costs. Now that the docks are completed, the property has a beautiful serene feel to it, and the docks can be utilized for boats, fishing, swimming, and more!

Atlanta Design & Build didn't just work on the docks, they also remodeled portions of the home and added a new addition in the back. They chose Cedar Siding to wrap around the the new addition to compliment the outdoor environment of the property.