Custom Milling

We're the pros at profiles

One of the advantages of working with us is we offer milling for any of our natural hardwood or softwood products. From the floor to the ceiling (not to mention the walls), we have a milling profile just right for your project. No matter how you want to use our products, we can customize it for you or your client. Take a look at our most popular milling profiles below. If you don't see the exact profile you want give us a call or visit one of our locations; we'd be happy to help you find what you're looking for!


Get our recommended profiles with specifications in one Guide!

Popular Profiles

Porch Flooring Profile

Porch Flooring

Edge Grooved Decking Profile


2x6 Rounded Rail Cap Profile

2x6 Rounded Handrail

2x6 Flat Rail Cap Profile

2x6 Flat Handrail

2x4 Rounded Rail Cap Profile

2x4 Rounded Handrail

1x6 Tex-Gap Profile


Shiplap Profile

Lap & Gap

Shiplap Fine Line Profile


Rainscreen Profile


Tongue and Groove Fineline Profile

Tongue & Groove Square-Edge

Tongue and Groove Pattern 122 Profile

Tongue & Groove Pattern #122

Tongue and Groove Pattern 116 Profile

Tongue & Groove Pattern #116

Beam Finishes

Smooth 4 Sides (S4S)

You're project is smooth sailing with this finish. Once your beam is cut we run it through a planing machine so it's completely smooth on all sides.

Saw Cut

This finish is one level rougher than the S4S finish. The beam is cut to the correct dimensions but not planed, giving the product more texture.

Rough Sawn

Rougher than the Saw Cut finish, this finish uses a specific saw blade to reveal the full texture of the beam without making it smooth to the touch.


Starting with a Saw Cut finish, Hewned beams are machined to create divots along each side of the product. This finishing method creates a beautiful three dimensional look.


Want that old reclaimed wood look without the high cost? A Distressed look can be added to any beam finish to give your project a more rustic feel without having to tear down a hundred year old barn.

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