Rainier Plank

Whether you are building a rustic farmhouse or a modern marvel the recent trend is to add features that use the warm beauty of real wood.  While wood has always been a structural component in residential and commercial framing, there is a movement towards wood features that are aesthetically pleasing to bring us back to the natural world. For centuries the workability of wood made it the only product available for many building applications as well as furniture and tools.  With the advent of plastics and metals, many applications moved to these newly manufactured products, and many modern homes were made exclusively of metal, glass, and concrete.  But as we have become further from nature there is a longing for connection.


Natural real wood features are coming back to home building/remodeling, and in fact, you can’t go on a Modern Home Tour without seeing expansive beautiful wood everywhere from soffits to sidings and facades.  Wood is a great insulator, environmentally sustainable, and has excellent acoustical properties.  Wood has physical and psychological benefits as well.  Check out some of these Cool Ideas. Wood is easy to scale for design needs from a small accent wall in the front of the house to expansive ceilings and soffits flowing through the house and out the front porch. Drywall and paint or fiber cement sidings are certainly inexpensive but wood is easy to leverage for an increase in perceived and real value.

rainier plank 7

Rainier Plank gives you all the benefits of beautiful and exceptional woods while greatly reducing many costs. Using the same methods to produce the strength and straightness of finger joint studs and the same techniques and glue specifications of LVL Beams combined together, Rainier Plank makes an impressive solid clear cedar vertical grain over an FJ cedar core as well as a solid clear fir over a solid fir core.

rianier 6

Rainier plank saves time and waste by coming in longer and even lengths. Inside or outside Rainier Plank is an outstanding option for your next project. For more information check them out here Rainier Plank or contact TimberTown for a free sample.