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Towne Lake Pass Boardwalk

Towne Lake Pass Boardwalk

Atlanta, GA

Integrated Construction & Nobility, Inc.

Treated Pine

When Integrated Construction and Nobility, Inc. (ICAN) set out to create a walkway for part of the Greenprints Trail System in Woodstock, Georgia, they had their fair share of challenges. Not only did they have to drill into rock and build over creeks, but had to do all of this while keeping the natural surroundings intact. Over the past year, ICAN has developed the portion of the Greenprints Trail System called the Towne Lake Trail Pass. Despite the challenges that have come, the end result will provide a sustainable green space for people of all ages to enjoy.

In 2007, the City of Woodstock started to develop a trail system spanning over 60 miles. The mission, according to the Greenprints Alliance, was to, “advocate for a sustainable greenspace and trail network which enhances the City of Woodstock’s community, natural and economic resources for all generations by promoting the benefits of a green infrastructure system to the general public.”