You'll Go Hog Wild For This Railing!

Can you keep your view without the complex installation of cable or glass railing?


Railing is often the most overlooked part of your deck. Many times we don't realize how the railing system can affect the overall look of our outdoor space until it's too late.

For example, if you have a stunning view from your new outdoor area, the last thing you want is a railing that will obstruct that view. Glass railing or cable railing are excellent options, but if you don't want the added installation time and cost you might want to look at Wild Hog Railing.


Hog wire is a mesh style fencing typically used for animal pens. Wild Hog Railing took the look of hog wire and created steel railing panels that are powder coated black or silver.

The panels are incredibly durable and meet building codes. And, since they are powder coated they won't rust, whether you get them in black or the steel look.

Wild Hog Railing is compatible with a variety of posts as well, from wood to aluminum posts, even composites. They have infill kits that make it quick and easy to install, or you can secure it by simply sandwiching the panel between a 1x2 board.

When it comes to your view, the large mesh pattern keeps it from being obstructed by bulky balusters.


Wild Hog Panels are about 20% less on average than cable railing and half as much as glass railing, but the install time is significantly less than both of those options.


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