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Carpenter Hotel

It's a tall order to come to downtown Austin and try to reproduce the eclectic and artsy design that is beloved by current residents and out-of-towners alike. When planning out it's next Hotel, the Mighty Union considered every angle and developed a boutique hotel, restaurant, cafe and event space that has just the right amount of quirkiness with a dash of modern sophistication. Anchored by the old carpenter's union, The Carpenter Hotel and parking garage were new construction while the old union hall was renovated into a restaurant/bar and cafe. A major part of the project was the pool and courtyard that connects the two spaces and offers a small event space for live music (because it's Austin, the live music capital of the world). Brazilian Hardwood Ipe (ee-pay) was used for the decking and as an accent throughout the hotel. Ipe was an excellent choice since it will last for decades and once it silvers-out it will mesh perfectly with the rest of the hotel's aesthetic.

One major challenge Mighty Union faced was the heritage trees on the property. Austin has strict guidelines about removing or building near these natural historic landmarks, and although Mighty Union had to get approval to remove a couple of trees they were able to keep the rest intact without endangering the root system. The key to building the deck around the trees while preserving the roots was the use of a high-density polymer footing system called Tuffblock. The Tuffblock footing system can be placed directly on an even surface without any digging and can support over 1,700 lbs per footing. The end result was a gorgeous outdoor space that is a tribute to Austin's heritage and culture.