TimberTown is the premier dealer of Cumara Atlanta Georgia as well as Austin Texas. Often overlooked by those seeking the more popular tropical hardwoods like Ipe, Cumaru is an excellent alternative. Harvested primarily in Brazil, Cumaru has a similar look and durability to Ipe. In other words, Cumaru could be the best kept secret in decking materials.

Decking & Porch Flooring

Cumaru is a great choice for decking and porch flooring when looking for an Ipe-alternative. Unlike the popular Ipe, Cumaru has a more modest price that fits in almost any budget. The similarities in look and strength to Ipe make Cumaru a natural choice for the savvy, budget-conscious consumer. For Cumaru Atlanta Georgia contact TimberTown.

Dimensions: 1x6, 5/4x6
Lengths: 4' to 20'
Tongue & Groove, Grooved or Square Edge



Siding & Soffits

Whether it's inside, outside, on the wall, or on the ceiling, adding natural wood brings a beautiful and timeless element to your space. To ensure you have the right product for any application, we have the ability to mill any of our Cumaru into any siding, soffit, trim or custom profile. Not sure which profile you need? Our product experts can help you choose the perfect profile for the look you want.



Dimensional Lumber

Cumaru has the added advantage of available dimensions beyond surface decking. This makes it perfect for railing and other commercial applications. For a seamless look across the entire outdoor project, Cumaru is a great option.

Dimensions: 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 4x4
Lengths: 4' to 16'



Custom Milling

One of the advantages of working with us is we offer milling for any of our natural hardwood or softwood products, including Cumaru Atlanta Georgia. From the floor to the ceiling (not to mention the walls), we have a milling profile just right for your project. No matter how you want to use our products, we can customize it for you or your client.




Tropical hardwoods can provide their fair share of challenges when it comes to installation.  That's why we provide the tools and resources necessary to keep you looking like a pro on the job site. Here are some tips and tools for installing Hardwood decking and siding.

Kiln-Dried Makes All the Difference

All hardwoods need time to acclimate to their new environments, and the process makes all the difference in how long your deck will last without warping or twisting. That's why our Cumaru is kiln-dried instead of air-dried, ensuring our product will last longer and remain stable for the life of the project.

Hardwoods: The Ultimate Technical Guide

There's no doubt that tropical hardwoods are becoming more and more popular for decks, siding and other modern applications, but how do you make sure you're specifying the right material for your project? We put together a guide with all of the technical and aesthetic information you need to make the right hardwood choice for your upcoming build.

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