Softwoods are the oldest and most traditional types of decking, like the popular cedar and redwood species. They are lightweight and great for staining and sealing. If you're looking to build a beautiful deck that's easy to install and built to last, go with a softwood.

Western Red Cedar

Grown and milled in the northwestern United States and Canada, cedar is a high quality softwood at an affordable price. The most popular in the softwood category, cedar is naturally weather, insect, and decay resistant, making it easy to maintain. At the same time, its is also easy to install and comes in a variety of dimensions. With its reddish-brown hue and natural ability to hold stains and paint well, western red cedar works great for any outdoor living project.


Although Cypress is a softwood, it grows alongside hardwoods and is traditionally grouped and manufactured with hardwoods, making it an excellent exterior siding or soffit option. By focusing on the select Cypress, which is the clearest grade, we ensure your project is a cut above the rest!



Yellow Pine

Southern yellow pine is a highly sustainable and economical product, which is why most decks in the USA are built using yellow pine. The great thing about this product is it takes almost any stain or paint and is easy to install. All our southern yellow pine is treated, which keeps your project resistant to rot, insects, and fungal decay. We stock #1 grade decking so your outdoor space will look great even on a budget.

Western White Pine

Used mostly for soffits, ceilings, and accent walls, Western White Pine is an excellent option when you will be painting or staining the boards. We stock Interfor Reserve paneling options so you can be confident you are using a premium product.



Douglas Fir

Douglas fir (aka Architectural Fir) is North America’s most plentiful softwood species, accounting for one fifth of the continent’s total softwood reserves. Best known for its toughness, density and excellent fire ratings, douglas fir is primarily used for beams. The great part about this beam is it can be easily stained to match the exact look you want. Whether using douglas fir inside or outside, we have the size, cut, and style you need for your project.

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