redwood forest

How Green is Redwood?

Redwood is an excellent decking material that comes from one of the most majestic trees on the planet. In the past there have been issues surrounding the use of Redwood so it’s understandable that eco-conscious builders and homeowners would want to know how green a material it is.

Vines Growing on House

Guide to Vines

In the past we have covered how vines can impact your Austin decking and how to keep them from causing damage. Today we’ll go into more detail on which vines are the most invasive and which ones are safer to have around your deck.

Dollar house in a green grass field over blue sky

How Deck Value is Calculated for Property Appraisals

Any homeowner knows that a solidly built deck can add serious value to your home. But just how does the property appraisers determine how much a deck adds to a home? This is an important question for homeowners because property appraisals can affect your taxes, whether you qualify…more

Pool Decking

Options for Adding a Deck Around Your Pool

In areas like Austin, we’ll do just about anything to escape the heat. One of the most popular cooling off options is an above ground pool. They’re inexpensive, easy to maintain and set up quickly. While they are enjoyable on a hot summer day, they aren’t the prettiest…more

Wood Rot on Deck

Signs Its Time to Replace Your Deck

A deck can add a lot of value to your home – if it’s in good shape. If not, it’s an accident waiting to happen, and chances are you aren’t getting much enjoyment out of it.