Composite Decking: Going Green Can Be Cost Effective

Composite decking is gaining more popularity each day. As the push to conserve energy, protect our forests, and improve the methods we use to construct our homes grows stronger, composite decking is emerging as a great way to reduce waste. While properly harvesting trees can be a great help to the environment, composite decking offers unique advantages over tradition hardwoods or softwoods.

Composite decking is made of recycled wood chips and plastic. The materials used to manufacture this decking are what would often be discarded if not used for this purpose. By reusing them to manufacture decking and other construction materials, we find that landfill waste is reduced and a very useful product has emerged from what we used to discard as trash.

The benefits of using composite decking for your deck reach far beyond reducing waste in landfills. So, if you’re not the type to get worried about global warming or holes in the ozone layer, there are several other factors that just may push you towards using composites for your deck.

Composite decking is not as susceptible to rot or wear from the weather as natural wood. Because it has a plastic base, composite decking can withstand years of harsh weather in almost any climate. Austin is known for extremely hot summers, and softwood decking requires treatment to protect it from the elements. Composite decking does not require nearly as much maintenance as say a Cedar or Redwood deck.

Fiberon Composite Decking

While using wood may seem to have the advantage in terms of aesthetic appeal, composite decking has come a long way in regard to style and design. With wood grain patterns that closely resemble real wood, along with a wide variety of color choices, composites may be even more beautiful than you thought possible.

Composite decking also offers more choices in lighting solutions for your backyard paradise. With the ability to have lighting built into the deck railing system, there is no need to mount lights on your deck. These systems are much more pleasing to the eye than Japanese lanterns, tiki torches, or other forms of outdoor lighting, and they cast the perfect amount of ambient light onto your deck surface. The LEDs in these systems are designed to outlast standard light bulbs and also burn less energy, which helps protect our environment.

Going green with composite decking has its advantages, whether you wish to do all you can to protect the environment, or simply want to cut down on maintenance costs on your deck. Come by Timbertown Austin today and see the latest products available in the composite decking industry. Our staff will be happy to explain the benefits of utilizing composites on your new deck, as well as show you just how beautiful composite decking really is.

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