Tropical hardwoods can provide their fair share of challenges when it comes to installation.  That's why we provide the tools and resources necessary to keep you looking like a pro on the job site. Here are some tips and tools for installing Hardwood decking and siding.

Install Tips

At TimberTown, we provide many resources and tips you can utilize for the installation of any project.  Check out our free downloadable, ebooks, blogs, and other content to execute your project with expertise.

Stainless Steel Screws

We offer high quality, durable stainless steel screws from Simpson StrongTie giving you peace of mind for your projects. When working with hardwoods, you typically have to pre-drill; but, we also provide screws that don't require pre-drilling!

CAMO Edge Deck Fastening

CAMO® Fasteners are designed to work seamlessly with all hardwoods, whether you prefer to blend into the surface with color-matched face fasteners, or desire edge fasteners for a fastener-free deck surface.

Hidden Fasteners

For a seamless and fastener-free decking surface, hidden fasteners are the way to go. Not only do we provide grooved hardwood decking, we have the hidden fastener brands that perform the best.


Even the best hardwood decking can have a couple of bad eggs in the bundle. Whether you need a board bender or pry bar, we can help you keep your hardwood deck on the straight and narrow.

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