Ideas for Using Architectural Fir

Chances are you’ve seen a Douglas Fir around the holiday season. They are a popular choice for Christmas trees, but it isn’t just an ornamental. Fir also makes a great building material that has a multitude of uses.

Douglas Fir

Known for its beauty as much as its durability, Douglas Fir is one of North America’s most widely used woods. Architectural Fir has quickly become a favorite among designers that are looking for a visually appealing wood with versatility.

Characteristics of Architectural Grade Douglas Fir

The architectural grade label is reserved for the best wood. Appearance and stability both play a factor, however aesthetics take the front seat for architectural fir. Timber has to be virtually defect-free to make it into this grade. Knots, grain, color and texture are all used to determine whether wood makes the architectural grade.

Architectural Fir Ideas


Doors command a lot of attention. They welcome you into an area and are wonderful canvases for showcasing creative designs. It’s no wonder that Architectural Fir is often the wood of choice for exterior doors.


Windows are also dressed up with beautiful Douglas Fir casings. The surrounds draw focus to the windows, providing dimension and visual appeal.


For design elements like mantels a visually appealing and interesting wood works best. Architectural Fir, whether rough or smooth, is often used for this focal point.


Architectural Fir is making its way into many modern designs as part of the exterior skin of homes. Whether is it the entire structure or a single wall, architectural grade Douglas Fir is durable enough to withstand the elements and beautiful enough to make a home stand out.

Siding on House


Outdoor structures, like pergolas, are often built for both style and functionality. This has made Architectural Fir a go-to wood for these types of designs.


Superior dimensional stability makes Architectural Fir an excellent selection for stairs. These thoroughfares will need to withstand the traffic without wearing and tearing. Architectural Fir is a wood that can take on the challenge.


Woodworkers often opt for Architectural Fir when they’re building cabinets. It’s tight grains and knotless appearance makes it perfect for panels.


A lot more design goes into furniture than some may think. It’s a product where appearance and structural integrity must coincide. Architectural Fir is a favorite among furniture makers because it is easy to work with, resists wear and finishes nicely.


Douglas Fir’s durability makes it an excellent choice for flooring. The wood retains its beauty even in high traffic areas and will remain level and hassle-free for years.

These are just a few ideas for how Architectural Fir can be used. For a wood that blends beauty and strength so well the possibilities are endless.

Tell have you done a project with Architectural Fir? Tell us about the experience why you picked this versatile wood!

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