Options for Keeping Warm on Your Deck When the Temperature Drops

October is the time when we start seeing cooler temps creep in to Central Texas. While it’s still nice enough to thoroughly enjoy the outdoors on your deck, at night you can make it cozier by warming things up.


Decorative, fun and functional a chiminea is a great way to heat things up on your deck. These clay or metal portable fireplaces have been used as a heat source for centuries. They can range from only a foot or two tall, to towering structures that produce serious heat.

Chimnea in Backyard

Since they have tall stacks and push heat out in one direction it’s best to place chimineas in a corner with the opening facing out onto the deck.

Fire Pits

Fire pits provide the feel and look of a bonfire. They can be simple circular pits or intricate designs that incorporate a tabletop or seating area.

  • Be careful where you place these – unlike other options the fire is more exposed on all sides with a fire pit.
  • Build the edges up above the surface at least a few feet.

You can build a permanent fire pit right into the deck. Create a stone or cement cylinder with gravel on the bottom and you’re in business.

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are an easy and inexpensive way to add heat to your deck without having to build or design anything. A fire bowl is like a smaller, mobile fire pit. Here are a few tips for adding a fire bowl to your deck:

  • A grate cover is a good investment – it’s decorative and keeps things safer.
  • Place something fireproof under the bowl to protect your wood, or place it on a paved surface.
  • Dress up the fire bowl and create a sparkling fire with a glass rocks.


Traditional fireplace don’t have to be reserved for the indoors. A fireplace is a great option if you are in the process of building or redesigning a deck since it’s a little more work to incorporate.


  • The fireplace should be built on a stone or concrete surface and surrounded with similar, non-flammable materials.
  • Build the hearth up off the ground a bit for a safer, easier to maintain fire.
  • Don’t forget the extra features – build in nooks for firewood or a base that can double as a bench.
  • Just like the fireplace in your home, the one on your deck can be gas or wood burning.

Propane Space Heaters

You’ve probably seen these at restaurants that still want to make use of their outdoor dining areas. They look expensive, but gas space heaters are actually more affordable than you may think.

When deciding where to place the propane space heater, keep in mind that it doesn’t push heat out very far. However, if you opt for a model that has a tabletop this will give you and your guests a great place to congregate when it’s cold out.

Electric Patio Heater

If you aren’t comfortable with using propane you can elect for an electric patio heater instead. An added benefit of electric patio heaters is that there are models that can be mounted up high and direct the heat down to a seating area. Just make sure you have an adequate power source nearby for plugging it in.

Any of the options above will help make your deck more functional and enjoyable during the cooler months. Just make sure to brush up on your deck fire safety before adding or installing a heat source.

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