Versatile Cedar Siding

Cedar siding, for decades, has been thought of exclusively in terms of exterior applications. A new era of design has challenged those long-held ideas.


Wood siding has become an integral part of today’s interior design in every application from accent walls to large modern spaces.  Cedar siding especially, can add just the perfect amount of distinction to any project.

Home builders, architects and designers are rediscovering the natural beauty of cedar siding.  The rich tones that cedar can display make it a fantastic material for any project.  Cedar can be a superior component of contemporary and traditional residential design or a modern accent to commercial buildings everywhere.  It also offers designers and builders alike, unprecedented flexibility in grade, appearance and dimensions.  All these characteristics joined with a product that is unmatched in sustainability can give your project just the touch it needs.  Cedar is and always has been one of the easiest species to work with regarding milling, construction and finish. project house of the week, the Hillcrest House, is a perfect example of incorporating and extending cedar’s impact on a residential design.  The house in New York combines the best of modern design and traditional material like 1x4 tongue and groove cedar to transform the structure’s interior. recently featured 5 uses of western red cedar with truly spectacular results.  The article shows some breathtaking design features that recast a traditional product like cedar into contemporary midcentury homes.  If rustic cabins in the wood are your only image of cedar these houses will make you look twice to believe what you’re seeing.

Cedar interior applications can give your own project a look that is both familiar and modern.  Cedar can be transformed into any pattern stock you can imagine all done with different grades, shades and appearances.  There are few woods that can match its color tones and grain design.  Incorporate cedar into your next project for some impressive results!