Deck protection for Dogs

Creating a Deck Space You and Your Deck Dog Will Love

It’s Mutt’s Day, which means thousands of people in Central Texas will be spending time with their furry family members. Do you plan to hang out and play with your pooch in the backyard? If so, read on for ways to make your current deck more comfortable for…more

Homemade Hammock Stand

Simple Ways to Build a Hammock Stand

Few things in life are as relaxing as lying in a hammock and gently swinging in the shade. Whether you’re sleeping, reading or simply watching the clouds go by, a hammock stand is an affordable way to add this feature to your yard even if you don’t have…more

Pool Surrounded by Deck

Protecting Your Deck from Harsh Pool Chemicals

Decks that surround pools are often exposed to lots of moisture and harsh pool chemicals that can degrade your wood surface. Fortunately, there are easy ways to enjoy your pool while still protecting your deck from getting damaged.

Stained Deck with Rain

How the Summer Humidity Can Affect Your Deck

As it heats up outside and the humidity rises in areas around Texas, homeowners may be wondering how the extra moisture in the air affects their deck. We all know moisture and wood aren’t a winning combination. Luckily, most of the time humidity isn’t intense enough to make…more

Brisket Grilled at Backyard BBQ

Planning Out Your Meat Cook Times at a Backyard BBQ

Nothing is better than barbecue during a backyard get together. Manning the grill is a big responsibility that can take a lot of time – sometimes up to 18 hours if you’re slow cooking. This quick guide to BBQ cooking times will help you coordinate everything based on…more