Timbertown Austin Participates in Helping Hand Home for Children’s Academic Enrichment Summer Camp

Helping Hand Home for Children

Helping Hand Home is an innovative organization that has been helping to heal and nurture abused and neglected children for over 120 years. Their work has evolved over the years from providing a safe refuge to becoming a residential treatment center with therapeutic foster care and adoption services.

At any time dozens of children from newborns to 18 years old are getting the care they need thanks to Helping Hand Home, their volunteers and community partners. One of their latest endeavors is the on-site charter school and educational programs the Academic Enrichment Summer Camp. All this work is being done to help vulnerable children reclaim their childhood and look forward to a brighter future as adults.

Fun Summer Learning with STEM Projects

On Friday July 11th Timbertown Austin owner Steve Anthony stopped by the Academic Enrichment Summer Camp for a special presentation called Wood for Outdoor Living. Timbertown Austin began working with Helping Hand Home as a corporate partner during last year’s Holiday Party, and they knew right away that they wanted to do more to help the children. “If Timbertown Austin associates can change the life of just one child then we believe it’s well worth the time and investment we put into Helping Hand Home,” said Mr. Anthony.

Timbertown's Helping Hand

Helping with the Academic Enrichment Summer Camp was a natural fit for Timbertown Austin. On alternate Fridays the camp conducts unique STEM activities to stimulate the children’s interest in math and science. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is at the center of educational programs today because of its importance in the growing global economy. In an effort to give their children the best learning opportunities possible, Helping Hand Home is teaming up with local experts to lead the Friday STEM projects.

During the first part of the Wood for Outdoor Living presentation Mr. Anthony gave approximately 34 campers an orientation on building materials. The campers then got to participate in breakout sessions arranged by age group to get hands-on with a project. Younger campers built name signs and birdhouses while the older children got to learn the basic techniques of building a deck. The day wrapped up with a lunch and a lot of completed woodworking projects.

Corporate Involvement with the Academic Enrichment Summer Camp

Corporate friends play an important role in making the Academic Enrichment Camp and all the other Helping Hand Home events a success. In addition to Timbertown Austin this year’s summer camp corporate partners include:

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

BMW of Austin

General Motors

On four Fridays during the 8-week summer camp one corporation will bring their team in for an interactive, educational activity like the Wood for Outdoor Living presentation hosted by Timbertown Austin. This type of interaction is designed to be a win-win for the corporations as well as the children. It’s all about creating community bonds and a learning environment that allows the kids to continue to build their trust in adults.

All year-round local and national corporate partners aid Helping Hand Home in their mission to make a difference in the lives of Central Texas’ most vulnerable children. As a private non-profit,the donations and volunteer work of community members make everything Helping Hand Home does possible.

If you would like to learn more about Helping Hand Home for Children please visit the How to Help page on the organization’s website.


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